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SSI Digital is India’s Leading Physiotherapy Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter. Physiotherapy Equipment (Physio Equipment)) also known as physical Therapy devices (PT Equipment) use by Physiotherapists or Physical Therapists  to treat muscular injuries, arthritis pain, sports injury, post-surgery & pain management etc. especially Electrotherapy Equipment used in Physiotherapy to improve blood circulation, muscle relaxation, restoring movement of effected body area. Sometimes we use Physiotherapy Equipment for Weight Loss also. Being a physiotherapist you must be wondering…

Where to Buy Physiotherapy Equipment?

SSI Digital could be one stop solution to all your worries related to physiotherapy Equipments, which suits your requirement apart from being user friendly and cost effective. Either you are planning to setup a new physiotherapy center or want to upgrade your existing Physical therapy center or just want to buy a physiotherapy Equipment kit or a single unit which you require occasionally. Buy Physiotherapy Equipment from us and feel the deference. There are the few reasons below for your decision for relaying SSI Digital for your purchase.

  • SSI Digital understand the importance of these therapeutic equipment to ensure best physiotherapy treatment. In another word we can say best physiotherapy machine gives best treatment result. That is why we always focus on quality physiotherapy products
  • SSI Digital is the quality oriented electrotherapy equipment manufacturers, physio equipment suppliers & Physiotherapy equipment dealer and among the best physiotherapy equipment companies in India
  • You can find top brands & quality imported Physiotherapy equipment under one umbrella.
  • You can rely upon us for best after sale service and warranties because SSI Digital is initiative of RUHI ELECTRONICS Pvt. Ltd. which has 20 years of experience in contract, manufacturing, supplies & AMC & having all India service network.
  • You can have extended warranty on each of our product.
  • You can purchase Physiotherapy equipment on EMI also

Shortwave Diathermy

Ultrasound Therapy

Laser Therapy

About us

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SSI Digital is initiative of RUHI ELECTRONICS Pvt. Ltd. With clear vision of providing not just best quality Medical & Physiotherapy equipment but best in class after sales services as well. Our best quality product & best in class service set us apart from our competitor. We are manufacturers, exporter and suppliers of Shortwave Diathermy, Ultrasound Therapy, Laser Therapy, Digital Traction, CPM, TENS etc. 

Our parent company Ruhi Electronics Private Limited was established in the year 1994, as an Electrical Engineering Contractor. With our 20 years of hard work and sheer commitment, today, our organization is standing amidst the leading Manufacturer of Medical equipment, Physiotherapy Equipment, Power distribution Transformer & Servo Voltage Stabilizer & Electrical Contracting Service providers. 

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Our Hot Selling Physiotherapy Equipment

Shortwave Diathermy

SSI Digital is high quality short wave diathermy machine manufacturer, short wave diathermy (SWD) supplier & short wave diathermy (SWD) dealer of top brands of India. Buy short wave therapy machine from SSI Digital and get peace of mind regarding after sale service & warranty. If you want you can get extended warranty as well.

Ultrasound Therapy

SSI Digital Ultrasound Therapy unit uses highest quality of material & technology to produce standard product as per industry standard. SSI Digital is best Ultrasound Therapy machine manufacturer, Ultrasound Therapy machine supplier & Ultrasound Therapy machine dealer of top brands of India. We ensure product reliability, performance & durability.

Laser Therapy

SSI Digital Laser Therapy units is built with highest quality of material & technology to produce standard product as per industry standard. SSI Digital is best laser therapy instrument manufacturer, Laser Therapy machine supplier & laser Therapy machine dealer of top brands of India. We ensure product reliability, performance & durability.


Ultrasound devices provide effective Continuous and Pulsed treatments. Delivers 1 & 3 MHz through a unique ultrasound applicator with duty cycles of 10%, 20% & 50%. Max Power output is 3 watt/cm2 and customize treatment time section from 1 min. to 60 min. with intensity controller on applicator.

Analgesic Pulser (AP-439)

Interferential (2P/4P), Russian, TENS & Galvanic, Interrupted Galvanic, Carrier Frequency : 2KHz & 4KHz 100% vector mouldation. US FDA 510(k) cleared device 2 different treatments, 4 Channels.

Nerve & Muscle Stimulator (NMS-498)

NMS-498 is a 4 channel electric stimulator for relief from muscular spasm, pain and joint contracture. It has 7 modes and 4 independent output to treat 4 person at a time. Customized Pulse rate and Pulse width with timer.

IFT Machine-Vectrostim

Vectrostim is an advanced three in one interferential therapy machine with all features of Vectrodyne plus Muscle Stimulation and TENS.
Vectrostim comes feature packed with Dia-dynamic current which is very effective method of muscle stimulation.

UltraSoud Therapy (Ultrasound 608)

Electroson 608 is a Solid State microprocessor based Ultrasound Therapy Unit. It is the most modern in design, sleek, compact and easy to use. Continuous and pulsed modes can be easily selected.

EMS Machine-Microstim Genius

Compact computerized muscle stimulator with TENS machine with 73 programs of muscle stimulation and TENS. LCD panel and a soft touch membrane keyboard enables easy setting of the treatment parameters.

Shortwave Diathermy-500 Watt

UCS SHORT WAVE DIATHERMY UNIT Continuos/ Pulsed unique induction field circuitry provides a short wave frequency of 27.12 MHZ that penetrates deep in to muscle tissues with negligible heating in the fatty layer or bone.

TENS/MS & US (Combo)

Ultra Care Systems TENSE / MS & US is a combi model, compact, Lightweight, based on solid-state circuitry & user – friendly system. In the US It has 2 Different output mode, digital timer, digital out-put meter & crystal safety circuit with Transducer, Mains Cable, Jelly, Spare Fuse.

Digital Traction LED

UCS Cervical cum Lumber Traction is modern electro mechanical system; model aluminum gearbox & metal gear gives long life & jerk free traction. It is based on solid-state circuitry; it has silent, smooth & powerful motor to pull the appropriate weight, separate traction force selection for Cervical & Lumber


Whenever I contact SSI Digital, I feel Professionalism & Experience in their approach. Right Company right people & right product to deal with.
Suman Kri
Senior Dr.
Best Brands at one place, I am very happy with my decision of buying physiotherapy equipment from SSI Digital
Ajit Kumar
Senior Dr.
I have been using other brands of Physiotherapy Equipments also but I amazed by the tremendous after sale services of SSI Digital. There is no match at all.
Senior Dr.

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    We are one of the most trusted physiotherapy equipment brands in India. Our commitment to providing quality product & keeping our customer support foremost made us gain trust of more than 30000 customers. Our customer base includes Prominent Private & Govt. hospitals, best physiotherapy clinics, Nursing homes which is not only in India but it is around the world. We have developed our network globally, our products are well demanded in different part of USA, Canada, South America, Asia like Southern Asia, Western Asia, some part of South-Eastern Asia & central Asia and Africa like Eastern Africa, and some part of western Africa. We are not only manufacturer of Physiotherapy equipment but a prominent importer of medical & physiotherapy equipment of global standard products from different part of the world. Apart from all, we consider our strength to be long and loyal relationship with our customers.

    Quality & best price assured

    Our world class manufacturing unit, use of best in class component & technical expertise of development team together help us to fulfill customer expectation. We consistently adhere to global quality norms & implementing cost effective manufacturing process yet quality assured to deliver affordable product for all. Our thorough research & development enable us to improve our product quality consistently & development of new product with better technical specification. Our products are considered globally for their durable quality, reliable & sturdy for clinical use, sophisticated & long lasting.

    Warranty, Service & support of Physiotherapy Equipment

    SSI Digital Manufacture Physiotherapy equipment with best in class quality check. We verify for any problem with the product during each manufacturing process. We also quality check our product for any issue before leaving our factory several times. In spite of our best effort in electronics equipment you may need of support sometimes. That is why each product of SSI Digital comes with 1-year warranty to value single penny of yours spend on any SSI digital product you buy. So, you do not need to worry any manufacturing defect which may occur sometime.  To make your purchase more pleasurable, we have made arrangement of service support where you do not need to carry your equipment to service center. You just need to call our service support number and ask for help. Our support executive will arrange product pickup from your place. Once your product gets fixed, we deliver you product back to your place. You can get support in very hassle very manner that too very fast.

    Best Physiotherapy Equipment Brands under one roof

    It is our constant endeavor to provide our customer best possible product & services. We are not only prominent manufacturer & exporter of physiotherapy equipment but we are leading supplier of best brands of physiotherapy equipment in India. We are supplier of physiotherapy equipment of industry leading manufacturer. We have brought Best Physiotherapy Equipment Brands under one roof

    1. SSI Digital Med Equip Systems – One the most prominent player of the Physiotherapy equipment market which has a very long list of products and certainly best in class. SSI Digital is serving in the industry since 2010.
    2. Johari Digital health care limited – Johari digital is certainly one of the oldest & best medical device & physiotherapy Equipment manufacturing company. It was founded in 1979.
    3. Technomed Electronics – Technomed Electronics has been the most trusted brand in the industry. It has best in class electrotherapy equipment. It also one of the oldest companies.
    4. Ultra Care Systems – Ultra Care Systems is comparatively new among all the above but it has strong presence in the industry. It has great range of products.USA, Canada, South America

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