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Combo Therapy Equipments

Combo Therapy Equipment or Combination Physiotherapy Machine is basically a combination of two or more physiotherapy equipment with many preset & Modalities. It could be smart way of buying a physiotherapy equipment because Combo Physiotherapy Machine is affordable yet very effective

SSI Digital Muscle Stimulator Cum Tens

Muscle Stimulator Cum Tens

SSI Digital Combination physiotherapy machine is best quality machine available in the market. You can buy top brand Combination physiotherapy machine at one place. SSI Digital is Combination physiotherapy machine manufacturer, Supplier & Combination physiotherapy machine dealer of top brands of India. We ensure product reliability, performance & durability. Buy Combination physiotherapy device for from SSI Digital and get peace of mind regarding after sale service & warranty. If you want you can get extended warranty as well. 

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Johari Digital Combo Therapy Machine (Winstim)


4 Channel Electro-therapy and Ultrasound Combination device provide 4/2 pole interferential treatment as well as a wide range of other electrical stimulation waveforms. 50 Preset Protocols and 11 Modalities with SD Curves. With 8″ touch screen display experience the precise treatment protocols and Electrode placement reference library in itself.

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Microstim Genius (TENS+Muscle Stimulator)

This new elegant Highpower Shortwave Diathermy unit mounted on wheels for easy mobility with Disc and Pad Electrodes is easy to handle and a sturdy equipment. High frequency current at 27.12 MHz. with maximum power output of 500W is produced by Valve generator.

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Technomed Electronics Muscle Stimulators Microstim Genius

Tens MS & US (Combo Model)

Ultrasound diathermy uses sound waves to treat various muscle and deep tissues. Heat is generated by the vibration of the tissue. This promotes blood flow into the area. Ultrasound diathermy is used for:

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Ultra Care Systems Ultrasound Therapy Tens MS & US (Combo Model)
Ultra Care Systems Interferential Therapy Machine + Tens

IFT Machine+Tens

Laser Therapy works on the principle of inducing a biological response through energy transfer, in that the photonic energy delivered into the tissue by the laser modulates the biological processes within that tissue, and those within the biological system of which that tissue is a part.

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