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Electrical Muscle stimulation Machine

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine is known as many other name like EMS Machine, EMS Therapy Machine, E Stim Therapy Machine, Estim, Muscle Stimulation Unit and Electric Stimulation Therapy Machine. Physical Therapy Muscle Stimulator unit basically uses electrical current to contract muscle to provide strength. It also provide pain relief but main purpose is to strengthening weak muscle. People use electronic muscle stimulator for weight loss & for toning their body also.

EMS Machine

SSI Digital EMS Unit is built with highest quality of material & technology to produce standard product as per industry standard. SSI Digital is best Electrical muscle stimulation machine manufacturer, Electrical muscle stimulation machine supplier & Electrical muscle stimulation machine dealer of top brands of India. We ensure product reliability, performance & durability. Buy EMS Machine for physiotherapy from SSI Digital and get peace of mind regarding after sale service & warranty. If you want you can get extended warranty as well.

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SSI Digital Muscle Stimulators Machine
Johari Digital Muscle Stimulator Machine

Stimulator Muscle NMS-498

NMS-498 is a 4 channel electric stimulator for relief from muscular spasm, pain and joint contracture. It has 7 modes and 4 independent output to treat 4 person at a time. Customized Pulse rate and Pulse width with timer.

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EMS Machine-Microstim Genius

Compact computerized muscle stimulator with TENS machine with 73 programs of muscle stimulation and TENS. LCD panel and a soft touch membrane keyboard enables easy setting of the treatment parameters.

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Technomed Electronics Muscle Stimulators Microstim Genius
Technomed Electronics Muscle Stimulator Electrostim – DT

EMS Machine-Electrostim – DT

Diagnostic model current controlled Muscle stimulator with digital display of output current. Constant current is maintained independently of contact resistance.

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