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Hand Strengthening Exercises In Physiotherapy

Hand Strengthening Exercises Using Modalities for Strengthening Handgrip

Hand Strengthening exercises are performed to increase Grip Strength in the hands of a patient with recent injury or fracture. Hand Exercise Equipment or Hand Grip Strengthener or Hand Strengthener or Grip Strengthener can be used to empower the treatment process and get better results in a lesser period of time. Hand Strengthening becomes a lot convenient when you have the right tools or equipment for exercises. Modern physiotherapy tools are developed by keeping the needs of muscle, bones and inner tissues in care. These tools are designed to improve the condition of patients with utmost efficiency and speedy recovery. Using tools for rehabilitation is recommended for physiotherapists around the world. Equipments will ensure faster recovery and better state.

Best Dynamometers for Hand Strengthening

The following dynamometers are considered one of the best Hand Strengthening tools. They are widely used by physiotherapists around the world. Using tools for physiotherapy and treatment yields better results. This is a proven fact by various Researches carried out on the patients. A study on the group of wrist fractured patients tells the effect of implementing tools for exercises. We recommend the following tools for Hand Strengthening.

Hand Strengthening Using J-Tech Grip Strength TesterThis is one of the best dynamometers for testing Handgrip Strength. Using this tool in exercise can help you asses the present condition of patient which can help you determine the right set of exercises for your patient. You can also track the patient’s progress which will help you in preparing a future treatment plan. J-Tech is known for its testing efficiency and accuracy. This tool can store data for up to 20 tests in a row which helps the therapist to better assess the condition and progress of the treatment plan. You can use this tool with the commander echo testing console which will provide you a display for readings. This tool can also perform Sustained Grip Tests along with rapid exchange and industry accepted 5-position check on the body of the patient.

Grip Track Dynamometer Functional Capacity Testing and Hand Strengthening – Grip track dynamometer is used for Hand Strengthening test while the treatment is going on. This equipment is the perfect choice for receiving reliable and efficient Grip Strength testing results. Identifying Strength Deficits is the speciality of our grip track dynamometer tool. These readings play a pivotal role in Hand Strengthening Program. This tool will also be able to determine functional capacity evaluation and voluntary maximal effort. This device can record and save data for up to 25 tests simultaneously giving a log of data for treatment assessment.

Lite Dynamometer Combination device for Hand Strengthening and Muscle Testing – This device is a combination for Grip Strength dynamometer and manual muscle tester. Combination devices are great for any clinic. They can perform multiple tasks. Such devices can have greater feasibility and higher cost benefits. They also take up less space. Hand Strengthening exercises becomes easy with use of such devices. LiTE dynamometer is great for any therapist who is interested in a Full Strength Evaluation. This tool is created by the developers who have also created Shortwave Diathermy Products and they have enabled the therapists to take manual muscle testing readings or measure grip strength with the help of equipments. This device can also be attached to use with other devices like MMT conversion kit. The design of this product is also great as it has dual grip handle with the purpose of stabilizing the dynamometer during the testing process which ensures accurate results.

Tools Used for Hand Strengthening and Rehabilitation

Below are tools which can be used by the therapists for the purpose of Hand Strengthening Exercises and rehabilitation. When it comes to Gip Strengthening, many therapists believe that most of the exercises have to be performed throughout the day. For this purpose, we have to give the equipment to the patients for home use.

Cando Ergonomic Handgrip Exerciser Modality for Hand Strengthening – This tool is a great option for improving Grip Strength for Hand Strengthening exercises. The Cando handgrip single machine has five levels of resistance for increasing strength of the patient. This tool also comes in five different varieties as they have different levels of strength and it is color coded using different colours according to the strength. This ergonomic Handgrip Tool is an excellent choice for those patients who are injured recently and whose treatment is just begun. The benefit of this treatment is way more than normal therapy. Even the athletes can exercise with these tools to enhance their performance.

Big Grip Hand Exerciser And Strengthening Tool – This equipment is the perfect choice for improving Grip Strength in the patient and bringing flexibility to the injured hands. This is an easy to use tool. The big grip Hand Exerciser comes in a simple design with the ability to heal patient with simple exercises. This is one of the best tools for Hand Strengthening. The machine has four levels of resistance to be used depending on the condition of the patient. The tool is supposed to be upgraded as the grip and strength of the patient improves.

Hand Strengthening Exercises And Treatment With Equipment

When it comes to treat a patient, tools have always given an edge in medical practices. Today machines are playing a big role in treatment whether it is surgery, analysis, diagnosis or rehabilitation. With the help of proper equipment we can obtain better results with less effort and less time consumed. In modern physiotherapy also tools are evolving for exercises and treatment. This is just the beginning which can help therapists attaining great results. We should start implementing tools for therapy as they are giving better results.