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    IFT Machine

    Interferential Therapy Machine (IFT Machine) also referred as Interferential Current Machine (IFC Machine). Interferential Therapy is one of the many physiotherapy / physical therapy uses low frequency therapeutic electrical current. It is used to relieve pain, stimulate local blood flow & muscles.

    IFT Machine

    SSI Digital Interferential Therapy Machine (IFT Machine) is built with highest quality of material & technology to produce standard product as per industry standard. SSI Digital is best IFT Machine manufacturer, IFT Machine supplier & IFT Machine dealer of top brands of India. We ensure product reliability, performance & durability. Buy IFT physiotherapy device for from SSI Digital and get peace of mind regarding after sale service & warranty. If you want you can get extended warranty as well. 

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    SSI Digital IFT Machine
    Johari Digital IFT Machine (AP439)

    IFT Machine-Analgesic Pulser

    SSD-500 with solid state generator present Shortwave Diathermy in its most advanced induction field circuitry provides a short-wave frequency of 27.12 MHz that penetrates deep into muscle tissues with negligible heating in the fatty layer or bone.

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    IFT Machine-Vectrostim

    Vectrostim is an advanced three in one interferential therapy machine with all features of Vectrodyne plus Muscle Stimulation and TENS. 
    Vectrostim comes feature packed with Dia-dynamic current which is very effective method of muscle stimulation.

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    Technomed IFT Machine (Vectrostim)
    Technomed IFT Machine (Vectrodyne)

    IFT Machine-Vectrodyne

    Vectrodyne is a computerized Interferential therapy unit with advanced vector scan features. It has a bright LCD screen displaying the current in 2 channels, mode of operation, programme number and treatment time.

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    Interferential Therapy Machine

    In the interferntial therapy, we make use of two medium frequency alternatively currents. These medium frequency currents are not identical and may differ in frequency up to 150 Hz. Two oscillator of medium frequency are generated and are cress wisely applied to the body by means

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    Ultra Care System Interferential Machine
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