Uses of Electrotherapy Devices in Knee Pain Treatment (Fast Pain relief)
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Uses of Electrotherapy Devices in Knee Pain Treatment (Fast Pain relief)

Causes of Knee Pain and Ways for Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is a common problem in the patients of old days. It is developed due to weakness of limbs. If a person above the age of 55 does not pays proper attention to their health, then they can be a victim of knee pain. Other than age, injury and osteoarthritis are also responsible for knee pain. Treatment for knee pain is available in physiotherapy. Traditional therapy is applied for the knee pain treatment. Electrotherapy devices like Laser and TENS machines are also being used for the treatment. A Research shows that Laser therapy for knee pain is very effective and can let go of the pain within one or two weeks. TENS Devices are also implied for pain treatment.

Knee Pain from Injury and Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is very common in old age patients. However, a young patient can also suffer from knee pain. Several reasons can cause the problem of pain in knee. Injury is one of them. If the patients get injured the pain will surface. Knee pain treatment can rehabilitate such patients. However, the time taken for healing is very long if traditional physiotherapy is implemented. Injury can take place from slipping on the floor or anywhere else. An accident of knee portion with an object can also cause the pain in the knee. Last but not the least and most painful, a leg fracture can also lead the patient to knee pain, depending on the area of fracture. The healing time for knee fracture is around six months.

Knee Pain due to Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a serious problem. This is another major reason for knee pain. The knee pain treatment in a patient of osteoarthritis is one of the most complicated treatments. However, with the new laser therapy device and TENS equipment, the treatment has become much simple and fast. Where it would have taken months to heal a patient of Osteoarthritis a few years ago, now it is much easier with the use of modalities! Laser therapy device is very fast and heals the pain in few weeks. Patients start to feel the difference from the first day. The knee pain is gone after the treatment of few weeks.

Laser Therapy Device for Knee Pain Treatment

Soft laser therapy otherwise known as low intensity laser light therapy is newly introduced for various kinds of therapy and pain relief. The intensity of laser beams is much lower here then it is in the surgery and other processes. Laser therapy machines are available online to Buy. There are a variety of machines for different problems. They are also implemented in knee pain treatment from some times. The mechanism of laser therapy is to expose the tissue in the contact of infra-red lights. This therapy reduces the need for medication.

The treatment of knee pain is done with the laser light penetrating the muscle and tissues. Different wavelengths are used for treatment of different conditions. Higher wavelengths are implemented for more serious conditions. When the laser beam goes inside the tissues, it triggers the blood flow in the affected region. An increased blood flow results in a large amount of white blood cells to visit the area. This process reduces inflammation, promotes the healing and eliminates the pain from the body.

Laser therapy is done with small handheld devices. Laser therapy devices implemented for physical therapy is are generally portable. These devices are powered by batteries. Physical therapists use these devices in their clinics. Doctors and clinicians have them for treatment purposes. A patient can also buy them for treatment at home, but it is recommended to do so only in supervision of a therapist. Users must learn the proper use of the equipment.

Use of Laser Therapy Machine

Laser therapy machine for knee pain treatment is implemented on the body. The device has to be kept close the skin. In some cases, the machine has to be brought in the direct contact of the skin. It depends on how deep the tissue needs to be reached. The area of treatment has to be decided by the therapist. The patient will describe where the pain is occurring and the therapist will decide the region of treatment accordingly.

Time for Treatment and Healing

The laser therapy device for knee pain treatment has to be applied for a small amount of time. This depends on the severity of the pain. The device is applied to the skin for minimum 30 seconds. Depending on the pain, this time can be extended to 1 or 2 minutes. 2 minutes is the max period suggested for applying the device on the affected area. The time for device implementation is also affected by the area of treatment.

Uses of TENS Equipment in Knee Pain Treatment

TENS equipment is another electrical modality used for pain relief and physical therapy. TENS also known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is the process of applying electrical waves to the affected nerve area for pain relief. TENS unit are now available in the markets. You can shop for one of these Here. TENS is a small machine which is easy to carry and takes less space. It is a light weight and hand held device. This machine is battery operated and works on low electrical energy. This fact makes these machines safe as they work on electricity.

Use of TENS Device

TENS device provides electrical signals to the body of the patients with the help of the electrodes. The device has four electrodes. In some cases only two electrodes are needed while in other cases, all the four electrodes covers the area of treatment. For knee pain treatment, pads are placed on the front, back and sides of the knee. Physical therapist needs to determine the exact place of pain before applying the device. It is imperative to find out the exact location of the device and place the electrodes there. Avoid to pads to place on the knee cap as it will not be effective. The idea is to cover the area of knee. Pads may be needed to apply on the back of the knee.