Implementation of Laser Therapy for Pain Management in Physiotherapy
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Implementation of Laser Therapy for Pain Management in Physiotherapy

Introduction of Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Laser therapy is newly introduced in physiotherapy. However, laser is not a new field for medical science. Laser rays are being used in surgery from decades. Though, use of laser devices and laser therapy for pain management is a relatively new field. Earlier, physical therapy was the major source for pain relief. With the introduction of laser therapy for pain, this trend is changing. Laser pain relief is proven to reduce pain in much lesser time. Dependency on drugs to reduce pain is also reducing with the rise of laser pain treatment and laser therapy devices. Use of electrotherapy devices is a new kind of revolution in physiotherapy.

From the start of physiotherapy in medical science and through its various stages of development, pain management is done with the help of physical exercises and drugs. Physical exercises were the biggest means for pain management in physiotherapy. Drugs were used in some cases where the pain is too much to endure. In most severe cases, where the patient was not able to move their injured body parts, drugs were used to reduce the pain. Even in such cases, physical therapy was required after the patient was able to perform the exercises. Laser therapy for pain treatment is recently introduced and it is very effective for pain treatment.

Uses of Laser Therapy for Pain Treatment under Different Conditions

Laser pain treatment is used for different conditions. Almost any condition that can lead the patient to pain is treated by laser therapy devices. Pain can occur due to an injury. A fracture can also cause a lot of pain. There can be cases of acute pain and chronic pain. All of these different kinds of pain can be treated by the use of laser therapy devices. Laser pain treatment is applicable for muscle spasm and treats it very effectively. Laser therapy reduces swelling, eliminates pain and improves functionality in the affected areas of the body. Laser therapy for pain is also very effective in patients with severe conditions.

Laser therapy has been proved to be useful for pain reducing under different conditions. Recent studies and experiments on patients of pain and injury have established Laser Therapy for Pain treatment as a definite cure. This therapy has eliminated the use of drugs for pain relief. Drugs are no longer important after the introduction of laser pain treatment. The devices used for laser pain relief are completely safe. These devices are designed to have controlled beam or rays which are not harmful for human body. Moreover, the pain relief from such products are way faster and better then drugs. Of course, physical exercises are still important to restore full functionality in the patient.

Types of Laser Therapy for Pain Devices Available in Market

Laser therapy devices are available in the market. A physical therapist can visit sites like SSI Digital to view and order laser therapy devices products. There is a wide range of devices. There are devices which can be used for multiple patients at a single time. Then there are devices which can be fixated for intensity and frequency of laser rays to adjust them according to the needs of the patient. It is crucial in laser therapy for pain treatment. Laser therapy devices can be divided in to two categories infrared devices and laser beam devices

Infrared devices implements infrared lights for pain treatment. These lights can penetrate inside the skin and cause effects on the body. Infrared lights are very effective in treatment of pain, swelling muscles, muscle spasm and inner tissues injuries. Once the infrared light travels inside the human body, it triggers the blood flow of the effected area. These blood cells carry white blood cells with them. White blood cells have the capability to heal the injuries.

Laser beam devices are also being used widely for laser pain relief and treatment. Laser beam devices implement electromagnetic beam instead of infrared or ultraviolet rays. These beams are very healthy and useful for human body given that they are applied in a controlled amount. They create photo chemical effects on the human body, tissues and cells. This kind of chemical reaction produces such chemicals in the body which can repair body and heal pain from inside of the body.

How Laser Therapy Works

How Laser Therapy Works

Laser therapy devices used for laser therapy in pain are generally small handheld devices. These devices are powered by small AA batteries and can be used easily to treat a patient. To use laser therapy devices and treatment of the pain the device is placed directly over the area of injury. The device is kept at the injury or swelling for minimum 30 seconds. This time period can extend due to the area of the pain treated. Time consumed for application of laser device is also depended on the degree of severity of injury or pain.

Non thermal photons are emitted from the laser therapy device. These photons can easily penetrate the skin just like the X-rays. It crosses the dermis, epidermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin. This light rays are capable of penetrating 2 to 5 centimeters beneath the skin. That is a very deep penetration for human body.

When the laser beams penetrate the skin and reaches the area of injury, a process similar to photosynthesis in plants starts inside the human body. The light which enters the body starts to interact with the light sensitive elements present in the cell and tissues. After this, a series of events is triggered in the cell which leads to increase in intracellular metabolism in the area. As a result of this the healing process starts and pain is reduced soon.

Researches on Use of Laser Therapy for Pain Management

Laser devices are known to the scientists from decades. However, the inclusion of laser devices in pain management is new. Due to this, there is not enough evidence to prove the total outcome of laser pain treatment. But, researches carried out until now strongly suggest that the implementation of laser therapy for pain relief is working in a positive manner.