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Laser Therapy

Therapeutic Laser Therapy Machine in physiotherapy (Physical therapy) commonly known as Laser Therapy Equipment or Low Level Laser Therapy Machine (LLLT Machine) or Cold Laser Therapy Machine or Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Machine etc. laser therapy in physiotherapy is used to relieve pain of soft tissue injuries, inflammations, arthritis, athletic injuries and for rehabilitation therapy. Laser Therapy device cures the pain efficiently.

SSI Digital Laser Therapy​ Unit

Laser Therapy

SSI Digital Laser Therapy units is built with highest quality of material & technology to produce standard product as per industry standard. SSI Digital is best laser therapy instrument manufacturer, Laser Therapy Equipment supplier &  dealer of top brands of India. We ensure product reliability, performance & durability. Buy laser therapy unit for physiotherapy from SSI Digital and get peace of mind regarding after sale service & warranty. If you want you can get extended warranty as well. 

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Laser Therapy Machine-Winlase

The Winlase Laser technology is based on the proven principle of High Intensity laser therapy. Winlase Laser device is portable, touch screen operated and equipped with therapy protocols for easy and effective operation. The Winlase Laser brings you the most up-to-date treatment methods with a large screen based user friendly interface and selection of useful clinical indications, a logical control system that simplifies treatment choices, and two different applicators.

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Johari Digital laser therapy machine

Laser Therapy Laser-SS ( Scanning Laser)

TECH LASER SS is a sophisticated microprocessor based scanning LASER machine. This machine scans the area of treatment automatically hence it is very easy to use and very effective for treating larger areas such as shoulder and lumbar region without strain for the operator.

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Technomed Electronics Leaser Therapy ( Scanning Laser)
Technomed Electronics Leaser Therapy (Portable Laser) 302

Laser Therapy-Laser 302 (Portable Laser)

Laser Therapy works on the principle of inducing a biological response through energy transfer, in that the photonic energy delivered into the tissue by the laser modulates the biological processes within that tissue, and those within the biological system of which that tissue is a part.

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