Modern Guide To Back Pain Treatment (Causes and Remedies) 2018
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Modern Guide To Back Pain Treatment (Causes and Remedies) 2019

What is Back Pain and Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is the most common phenomenon that has bothered almost every individual in human history. Back is one of the most important parts of our body. We are solely depended on our back to perform and function. If any problems occur with back, then we are in serious trouble. If the back pain is severe, than our whole body can be paralyzed and seize to move. That is why back pain treatment holds a very special place in our daily life. There are numerous traditional approaches to get back pain relief. Where lower back pain is a very serious and troubling issue, electrotherapy for back pain is also helping for a faster relief from pain.

Back pain treatment is very crucial. However, it is not always very complicated. The thing with back pain is that it can happen just by following our daily activities. You do not need to become injured or get into an accident (God forbid) to have back pain. Obviously, we are doing something that is not okay with our body that is leading us to back pain. Experts suggest that it is our habits which make us a victim of back pain issues. Do you know that even working for long hours in a wrong position can cause the lower back pain?

Reasons for Back Pain – Why Do We Need Back Pain Treatment

When dealing with back pain, the most important question is that why do we have back pain in the first place? Figuring out the answer to this question can save us from such a serious problem as back pain. There can be some serious illness cases responsible for back pain. These cases are mentioned below

Slipped Disk Injury – Slip disk can cause immense pain in the back area of the body. A slip disk can happen from a sudden twist in the body when a person loses their balance and fells down on the floor. It can also happen from lifting a very heavy object. In the case of slip disk, there is a cushion like material between the spinal vertebrae which gets replaced from its original position.

Tumour to the Spine – A primary tumour to the spine or cancer can also be the cause for back pain. In such a case, the back pain worsens at night and makes it very difficult to sleep. This problem can be only diagnosed in a proper laboratory well equipped with equipment.

Spondylitis – Back pain can happen to a patient of spondylitis. It is very common and keeps occurring every few days. Regular therapy is needed to get rest from the back pain in Spondylitis.

Arthritis – Arthritis patient has to go through back pain. The lower back pain is common and consistent for a patient of Arthritis. Proper medicine can help with reduction of pain.

Fracture – A fracture in the back or legs can cause back pain. As horrible as it sounds, so is the pain it causes. Physical therapy and use of modern devices can deliver rest for a patient of fracture.

If we are not facing any serious illness then we must know that we are responsible somewhere for our lower back pain. If we can change our habits and improve our posture while performing different activities than we can save ourselves from this problem! It is obvious that when we are not suffering from back pain then there is no need for back pain treatment. Below is a list of major reasons or habits which can lead to back pain

  • Wrong posture of sitting – If we do not sit straight, then we are more likely to fall for back pain. You must provide support to your back and sit comfortably and straight.
  • Bad Posture of Walking – Our back needs to be stretched properly. Stretching is required to gain full strength and function normally. If you do not walk straight then your back is not stretched properly and causes back pain
  • Uncomfortable position while working – Many times we do not realize that our working position is okay or not. It can happen that you are not working in a comfortable position which is a serious cause for back pain.
  • Lifting heavy objects – Have you recently lifted a heavy object, than it can be the reason for your pain. Sudden strain on back can cause an ache.
  • Doing Tough Exercises – Daily workout is great. But too much of workout can also lead to problems. Make sure that your workout plan is not too much and if it is, then bring it a notch down as it will help release the unnecessary pressure on the body.

lower back pain

General and Traditional Methods for Back Pain Treatment

As we all know that back pain is common problem. Back pain is bothering people from ages. Thus, there are several methods developed in time for back pain treatment. These methods are more traditional then scientific. However, they have been proven to benefit the patient. Though, not as fast as electrotherapy devices provides back pain relief. Other methods are related to exercises and physiotherapy in some sense. The most traditional approach to treat back pain is to use a warm cloth to heat the area. People feel and science has also proven that heating the back can really help with lower back pain.

Note: The below given information is only for informative purposes. They are suitable for normal and minor back pain cases. It is a good idea to consult your doctor if you are facing a serious pain in the back.

Heat for Back PainBack pain treatment for lower back pain can be done by applying heat to the affected area. The muscle and tissues of back relax and stretch when the heat is provided. Some rest to bones is also delivered. This is a scientifically proven fact. Earlier people used warm clothes for this technique. Now there is a hot water bag used for heating the back. As the name suggests, water is heated and then put inside this bag which is applied to the area of the back.

Aerobics aerobics is a set of exercises which can be used to prevent and cure back pain. It is another successful method to treat lower back pain. These exercises focus on the movement around the back. They are very beneficial to fight against back pain. Different kinds of movements are included in these exercises and they can provide back pain relief. Here are those exercises

  • Round the Circle – In this exercise, you have to move your back in a round fashion. Just like a clock, except it is not horizontal, it is vertical. Stand with your legs apart and start moving the back of your body in a circular motion.
  • Bend Forward – Take your hands up straight with your forehand facing the front direction. Now slowly bend your body in the front direction, wait there for 10 seconds and slowly come back to your original position.
  • Bend Backwards – Keep your hands on the back and slowly pull your body to the back direction. Wait in the position for 10 seconds after your body is bend at an angle of 45 degrees. Now slowly become straight again.
  • Bend sideways – It is also a great exercise to provide relief from back pain. Extend your hands straight up with forehands facing each other. Bend a little to your left side, as much as you can. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then come back to the straight position. Now bend to the right side of your body and wait there for 10 seconds and then come back to your original position.
  • Rotate Half Circle – This exercise is very simple but it is also very effective against back pain. Straight your hands horizontally in front of yourself. Keep your palms facing towards each other. By keeping your hands parallel to each other, start turning to left side. Keep your legs straight and move only the upper part of your body. Maintain the position for 10 seconds and then come back to the original position. Now turn to your right side, wait for 10 seconds and again come back to your original position.

back pain exercises

Perform the above exercises 7 to 10 times a day in the morning before your breakfast.

Stretching exercises also helps with back pain. When people stretch their body, the back pain feels less and the condition improves. However, the results can take weeks to show up but people start feeling well instantly.

Stretching exercises are both simple and complicated. While stretching is very beneficial in back pain treatment, it is advisable to perform these exercises under the supervision of a health expert. Stretching is good for providing back pain relief, however, it can also cause problems, if not done properly. Below are some simple stretching exercises which can be performed at home (Stretching is done while sitting on a chair of floor mat)

Hand Stretching Exercises – Straighten up your left hand, hold the palm of left hand with your right hand and pull it towards your right side until you feel a stretch in the lower back. Now repeat this process with your right hand and pull it towards the right side. Maintain your position in each case for 5 seconds and then stop stretching. You can do this for five to seven times.

Hand Over Heads – Bring your left hand over your head and try to reach the ear on the right side of your face. Now use your right hand to pull the palm of your left hand. Hold it for 5 seconds and leave. Now repeat the process with your right hand. Do this for 5 -7 times a day in the morning.

These methods are used even today for betterment of lower back problems. Although these methods are no match for electrotherapy devices but they can prevent back pain.

A More Modern Approach to Back Pain Treatment

With the progress in medical science and given the seriousness of back pain many modern approaches have been developed for back pain treatment. The methods discussed above are also good. But as you know, they are always looking for something better. This thinking has led to development of physical therapy exercises and a lot of techniques which can address the problem of back pain. Medicines are also there to provide temporary relief. The latest development for back pain treatment is developing electrotherapy devices which can provide pain relief with the use of sound waves, laser waves, electric current and electromagnetic beams. Below is a brief description of such devices.

Back Pain Treatment with Electrotherapy Devices

Lower back pain is probably the most common problem faced by people. Most of the people around the world suffer from back pain. There are many traditional methods and home remedies which are used for back pain treatment. These methods provide back pain relief up to some extent. However, the problem of back pain always resurfaces. Recently electrotherapy for back pain treatment is being used by physical therapists. Recently a rise in development of electrotherapy devices has given birth to a new way for pain treatment. These devices use various methods to reduce pain. They are also gradually eliminating the uses of drugs for pain relief.

There are different kinds of electrotherapy devices being developed. The purpose of each device is same as they are going to be used for treatment. However, the methods used by these devices are different. Electrotherapy devices also differ from each other in their qualities and other aspects. For example, shortwave diathermy equipment is a large electrical device used for therapy. This device can also be dangerous. Ultrasound device is also somewhat similar to SWD device. These devices should not be used with patient under certain circumstances. Laser therapy devices are small and portable devices. Similarly TENS equipment are also handheld devices which operate on battery power.

What are Electrotherapy Devices?

An electrotherapy device is electrical equipment which implements current sound waves and infrared lights to treat pain and injury. Electrotherapy devices are miracles of modern science which have brought a revolution in the field of physiotherapy. These devices operate on electrical energy. They can be divided in to several categories. They can be divided on the base of their size, power consumption, treatment method and capacity to treat number of patients at a time. Electrotherapy devices can do a lot to perform what can be achieved through months of exercise and drugs in few weeks. These devices are now being used by physical therapists around the world to treat their patients.

Uses of Electrotherapy Devices and Back Pain Treatment

Electrotherapy devices are used to treat certain problems with the body. A lot of issues can be treated with electrotherapy devices. These devices are mainly used to treat muscle spam, injuries, fracture, chronic pain and lower back pain. Electrotherapy devices are very effective for back pain treatment. The implementation of these devices results in a much faster recovery and healing. Pain is also reduced even without taking medicines. Electrotherapy devices are mostly used for back pain as it is the problem faced by most people. The result obtained from the application of such devices is also great.

CAUTION: The below given information is only for informative purposes. It is strongly advised to our readers to take the help of genuine experts before using these devices. Do not use them on your own as this can be dangerous. Consult our physiotherapist for choosing the right device and therapy for the treatment of your back pain.

Back Pain Treatment with Shortwave Diathermy

Shortwave diathermy machine also known as SWD machine is a beast which is commonly used for back pain treatment. This large machine runs on electricity and produces heat. Shortwave diathermy machine uses high frequency electromagnetic waves and turn them in to heat through electricity. These continuous or pulsed energy waves affect the inner tissues of the injured area (back in this case). The heat itself can treat the pain and reduce it to a great extent. The pulsed waves at the right frequency have a great effect on the body. It also increases the flow of blood in the affected region which helps in recovery.

Back Pain Treatment with Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound machine is also used widely for back pain treatment. Ultrasound is much like a shortwave diathermy machine. It is heavy, bulky and runs on high electricity. Ultrasound therapy devices use sound waves to penetrate skin. These sound waves are beyond human listening limit. These sound waves are either continuous or pulsed. They vibrate the tissues they reach which helps in healing of the tissues. The vibration in tissues generates heat which increases the blood flow to the tissues. An increased blood flow results in an increase of white blood cells in the affected area. This amounts to a faster rate of healing process.

Laser Therapy Device for Back Pain Treatment

Laser therapy devices are portable devices which can be used for back pain treatment. A laser therapy device is a portable device which runs on low electricity. This device uses small AAA size batteries to operate. Laser therapy is done with infrared light beams and electromagnetic beams. These rays and beams are controlled and hence harmless for human body. Machines can also be used to set the frequency of rays and beams for different cases according to their severity. The beams and rays reaches inner tissues and vibration generates heat in the tissues. This heat reduces pain from back and other injured tissues.

TENS Devices Used For Back Pain Treatment

TENS devices also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Device can also provide relief from back pain. This device also falls in the category of portable devices. It is an easy to use and easy to carry hand held device which does not requires heavy amount of electric power to run. It runs on few small sized batteries. TENS devices can be applied directly anywhere on the back area of the body. TENS device passes electric current and targets the nerve of the applied region. This method is very effective for pain relief. TENS devices are widely used for back pain treatment by the physical therapists around the world.