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Effective Pain management in physiotherapy

Uses of Electric Devices for Pain management in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the process of rehabilitation and treatment. Modern physiotherapy includes the uses of electric machines. Electrotherapy is also considered as therapy for pain. These machines help in faster recovery of the patient and pain management in physiotherapy. The recovery is obtained by the means of physical exercise. Generally physiotherapy is applied to the patients of fracture. This treatment is aiming at restoring functions to hands, legs, fingers and other parts of the body. Another goal is to prevent the loss of control and motion through regular physical exercises, especially which the patient is unable to perform. Physiotherapy for pain relief not only helps the patient in healing but it also improves the range of motion for a patient with fracture. This type of treatment is also available for the patients of any physical injury where therapy for pain management is applied.

Pain Management in Physiotherapy through Electrical Devices

Physiotherapy is the best treatment for the patients of injury. Not only it helps the patient to recover, but it also manages pain and suffering. Applying pain management in physiotherapy, pain can be reduced to a great extent with the help of physiotherapy and modern devices. New devices have been proved to heal at a faster rate and minimize the pain. Electrotherapy devices use electrical pulse and sound waves to reach inner tissues of body. These tissues are very difficult to reach otherwise. These pulses improve blood flow to the injured area. They also improve the flow of white blood cells to these areas as a result of which body heals at a faster rate. White blood cells are responsible for healing process in human body.

Benefits of Electrotherapy other Than Pain Management in Physiotherapy

Electrotherapy is the new way for physiotherapy. Electrical devices have made physiotherapy much better. Using of modalities in physiotherapy has increased the chances of faster recovery and healing of a patient. These devices are also beneficial for pain management in physiotherapy. Several other benefits are also achieved with the help of modalities in physiotherapy. These benefits are listed below

  • Improves blood circulation in the whole body and specially in the area of the treatment
  • Strengthen muscles and improves their capacity to bear weight in comparatively lesser time
  • Electric pulses and sound waves repair tissues by increasing flow of blood and white blood cells
  • Bone growth is improved in the patients of fracture which helps reshaping of the joints

Implementation of TENS for Pain Management in Physiotherapy

TENS also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a portable electrical device which is used for nerve treatment or therapy. TENS is applicable for pain relief and pain management. The treatment is very effective against pain.

How TENS Works – TENS therapy works with electrotherapy devices such as technomed electronics or Ultra care systems. These devices are equipped with electrodes with either a single pad or double pad. These electric pads are attached to the TENS device using wires of high quality. TENS machine or devices are generally portable in size and they are battery operated. For the treatment of the patient, electrodes are put on the area of pain, fracture or injury. The machine then generates electrical current of very low magnitude. This current is passed to the body of the victim through electrodes. This electric current helps in stimulating the sensory nerves. The stimulation creates a tingling sensation in the body of the patient which leads to reduce the pain.

Portable TENS Device for Easier Use – Patients generally gets introduced with the TENS therapy during their treatment. They get in contact with the TENS machine in either chiropractor’s office or the physical therapy clinic. The small hand held TENS device gives multiple facilities to the user. They can select from a range of various options to operate the machine in order to treat the patient. High frequency current is used for serious injuries and pain treatment. Low frequency currents can be used for patients with light injury or at a later stage or treatment.

Implementations of TENS Device for Pain Management in Physiotherapy

TENS devices are used for treatment of various body parts. This therapy is very effective in reducing pain from several parts of the body. These parts includes neck and back areas. The treatment is found to be very effective. The pain is reduced to a great extent using the TENS therapy devices. Major areas treated with TENS therapy includes

Low Back Pain – TENS device is used for the treatment of low back pain. This is a new discovery. A lot of people suffer from low back pain in their daily lives. The treatment was done through physiotherapy, exercises and heat therapy until the TENS machine was developed for this purpose. The electrode of the machine or device is put on the area of pain. The machine is started using the battery power. The electric current passes through the nerves of lower back. The stimulation of nerves star increasing the blood flow to the body. As a result of this the pain gets reduced in several minutes.

Treatment time – 10 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the severity of the pain

Neck Pain – TENS machine have been proved to be very effective against problems related to neck. The machine is used for treatment for neck pain. It is also used for reducing the stiffness. Neck pain is usually caused by wrong gestures or working for long hours. This can be easily treated using the TENS machine and therapy. The pain is reduced after several days of electrical therapy. Physical therapists also encourage the patients to use TENS therapy on a regular basis to avoid neck pain. The machine is also a success in eliminating the stiffness from the neck.

Diabetic Nerve Pain – Diabetic nerve pain is often very difficult to treat. Earlier it would take months to reduce pain through therapy. With the help of TENS therapy treatment of diabetic nerve pain has become easier. The pain gets reduced significantly after applying this therapy. Studies have been carried out to find the effectiveness of TENS therapy in this case. The effect of the therapy lasted more than four weeks.

Fibromyalgia Pain – The treatment of fibromyalgia pain through TENS therapy is also successful. The pain reduced significantly. Tolerance of pain during physical activities also increased significantly. The positive results are found after the first treatment with TENS machine.