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Portable Devices

Portable Physiotherapy Equipments are being popular day by day. It is more convenient to carry and taking it to one place to another. Portable Physiotherapy Equipments enable physiotherapist to treat their patients anywhere & anytime. It is like carry your clinic along. In spite of small sizes of these devices, it very effective in treatment.

Portable physiotherapy equipments are designed for personal use also. Patients can use these portable physiotherapy devices at their home. These devices are so easy to use that anybody can use without any problem. Patients can use these Portable devices for continuous pain, better recovery and fast mobility.

Johari Digital TENS Portable


TENS. a small, Battery-operated device delivers low-voltage electrical current through the skin via electrodes placed near the source of pain. It stimulates the nerves in the affected ares and sends signals to the brain that block the pain perception. TENS is proven to be an effective therapy to mask pain.

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Stimtec 2

The Stimtec is one of the most popular and successful devices for physical therapy. It provides all therapies in a single hand held device for physical therapist and home care professionals. The Stimtec provides four channels, delivering four treatments from a single unit.

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Johari Digital STIMTECH-2
Johari Digital BLD STIM-3


This toolkit includes Stim3 (Interferential / TENS / Muscle Stim) and JUS-1 (Ultrasound Therapy). Often people are too injured, too sick or in severe pain to move hence prefer to get rehabilitation program at their home. Physiotherapists help to keep people healthy, active and independent. They also support older people to improve their quality of life. We have introduced a unique PT Kit that every Physiotherapist can carry on their home visits. You can now have your portable clinic On-The-Go because we understand the needs of physiotherapists..

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