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Physiotherapy Equipment-Short wave Diathermy Machine

Short wave diathermy machine commonly referred as Shortwave Diathermy or SWD Physiotherapy equipment or just SW Diathermy. Use of Short wave diathermy (SWD Machine) is very common in physiotherapy for Joint related problems. Short wave diathermy machine generates heat through high-frequency electromagnetic energy.

In general therapeutic ultrasound machine is called Ultrasound Therapy unit or Physiotherapy ultrasound machine or just UST machine. Therapeutic ultrasound machine in physical therapy uses sound waves to treat various muscle and deep tissues. It is applied in pulsed or continuous energy waves. In Ultrasound Therapy heat is generated by the vibration of the tissue and it promotes blood flow into the particular area to relieve pain like musculoskeletal sprains, strain, muscle spasms, neuromas etc.

SSI Digital Ultrasound Therapy​ Unit
SSI Digital Laser Therapy​ Unit

Therapeutic laser therapy machine in physiotherapy (Physical therapy) commonly known as Laser Therapy Equipment or low level laser therapy machine (LLLT Machine) or cold laser therapy machine or deep tissue laser therapy machine etc. laser therapy in physiotherapy is used to relieve pain of soft tissue injuries, inflammations, arthritis, athletic injuries and for rehabilitation therapy. Laser Therapy machine cures the pain efficiently.

Modern Traction machine is an electromechanical device commonly known as Digital Traction Machine or electronic traction machine which is used by physiotherapist for cervical, lumber & ankle traction. Our Digital Traction machine can be used as cervical traction machine, lumber traction machine or ankle traction machine. It can be used as intermittent traction machine as well as in continuous mode. Cervical Traction in physiotherapy is used for mobilizing cervical spine.

SSI Digital Digital Traction Machine
Johari Digital CPM Machine


Continuous passive motion machine commonly referred as CPM Machine or CPM Unit or CPM Therapy Machine. CPM machine in Physiotherapy is used to give gentle movement to Knee Joints when patients are unable to move knee joint commonly after a surgery. CPM medical device is used mainly after knee replacement, knee surgery, while treating osteoarthritis & even after leg fracture.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit also known as Tens Unit or Tens Therapy device. Tens machine is used for nerve related pain management. Physiotherapist use Tens unit for sciatica back pain very commonly. It is so effective in nerve pain management that it is called Tens pain relief device also.

SSI Digital IFT Machine
SSI Digital Muscle Stimulators Machine

Electrical muscle stimulation machine is known as many other name like EMS Machine, EMS therapy machine, E stim therapy machine, Estim, muscle stimulation unit and electric stimulation therapy machine. Physical therapy muscle stimulator unit basically uses electrical current to contract muscle to provide strength. It also provide pain relief but main purpose is to strengthening weak muscle.

Interferential Therapy Machine (IFT Machine) also referred as Interferential Current machine (IFC Machine). Interferential Therapy is one of the many physiotherapy / physical therapy uses low frequency therapeutic electrical current. It is used to relieve pain, stimulate local blood flow & muscles.

SSI Digital IFT Machine
SSI Digital Muscle Stimulator Cum Tens

Combo Therapy Equipment or Combination physiotherapy machine is basically a combination of two or more physiotherapy equipment with many preset & Modalities. It could be smart way of buying a physiotherapy equipment because combo physiotherapy machine is affordable yet very effective.

Portable physiotherapy equipments are being popular day by day. It is more convenient to carry and taking it to one place to another. Portable physiotherapy equipments enable physiotherapist to treat their patients anywhere & anytime. It is like carry your clinic along. In spite of small sizes of these devices, it very effective in treatment.

Johari Digital STIMTECH-2
Johari Digital BLD STIM-3
Johari Digital TENS Portable