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Tennis Elbow Treatment in Physiotherapy

Tennis Elbow Treatment in Physiotherapy

Tennis elbow treatment requires therapies and equipment which can relieve the pain and reflex the muscles in the minimum time span. Rehabilitation is achieved through physical therapy for cases like Tennis Elbow. Physical therapy for Tennis Elbow Cure or Tennis Elbow Relief has numerous tools. Often these tools used for tennis elbow relief through Tennis Elbow Exercises with or without equipment refer to modalities. Below is a description of some approaches used by physical therapists to cure tennis elbow with how effective they can be in different cases. We are also taking a look at how appropriate is a particular treatment used by therapists so far.

Therapeutic Exercise Approach for Tennis Elbow treatment

Therapeutic exercise is the prevailing modality in the tennis elbow treatment. These exercises are preventing tennis elbow for such a long period of time that there is more than enough evidence for support of therapeutic exercises. No debate is required anyhow for the importance of exercises in any rehab program. Tennis elbow is no exception here also. Worldwide physiotherapists prefer these exercises for the treatment of tennis elbow. That is why this has placed top position in our list of top 5 modalities.

However, there are some controversies over the therapeutic approach for tennis elbow treatment. Most of them are related to the timing required for exercise in different phases and the frequency of the exercise for a particular condition. Type of exercises is another area where some conflicts arise between the therapists. Again this is very much depending on the condition and requirements of the patient. Eccentric exercise is the most preferred form of exercise for treatment of tennis elbow. There is evidence in form of research in support of this conclusion. Top exercise for the treatment of tennis elbow can be easily found online also. However, it is best decided by the practice as few myths precede them always.

Cryotherapy Used for Tennis Elbow Treatment with Ice

Cryotherapy is the second most effective treatment used by the physiotherapists around the world for tennis elbow treatment. This therapy includes ice which is applied to the affected area while the exercises are going on. A Research has been carried out by two physical therapists. The authors named D. Stasinopoulos and P Manias has found that the use of ice along with the exercises can really help the victim.

However, there are therapists who beg to differ. Many therapists around the globe believe that ice does not play a significant role in the healing process. They say that there is not enough evidence to prove the effectiveness of the ice. Conclusions have also been drawn that the exercise has similar effect whether it is applied with ice or not. This debate is going on around for some time. There are supporters of both theories. However, it is mostly depending on the patient whether they feel any different with the implementation of ice or not. The therapists are also depended here on the feedback of a patient.

Application of Therapeutic Ultrasound for Tennis Elbow Treatment

Therapeutic ultrasound comes at the third number in our list for tennis elbow treatment. It is actually the opposite of cryotherapy in some sense. The cryotherapy applies ice for the treatment, where this therapy implements heat as the therapy. Therapeutic Ultrasound generates sound waves as the modality for healing. Technically we should call it mechanical energy which transforms in to sound waves for therapy. These sound waves or mechanical energy waves propagate through tissues and to reach the affected portion inside of the body. They stimulate heat muscles, ligaments, tendons etc. inside the skin which can heal the injury.

Ultrasound Therapy is done by new and portable ultrasound machines and devices. These devices increase the blood flow and white blood cells to the damaged tissues which help in faster recovery. However, where we have certain evidence for the effect of ultrasound therapy for tennis elbow treatment and other similar problems, there is a doubt for successful implementation of this therapy in certain other areas. The application of ultrasound therapy does not have any effect in cases of soft tissue injuries. Such injuries are not successfully remedied by this therapy so far.

Extracorporeal Soft Wave Therapy or ESWT in Tennis Elbow Treatment

Shock Wave Therapy is on the fourth list of our tennis elbow treatment procedures. This therapy is very similar to Therapeutic Ultrasound in so many ways. ESWT is more intense and vigorous version of ultrasound therapy. It is also a quite more painful version of the ultrasound therapy. ESWT naturally increases the speed of healing process. The ESWT passes radial shockwave for treatment of injured tissues. The shockwaves pass through the skin to the injured tissue brings inflammation to the affected area. Through this process, the number of blood vessels is supplied more to the affected area which in turn also increases the amount of metabolism in the region.

Tennis Elbow Treatment with Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation also known as Estim is another effective approach used by physical therapists for the treatment of tennis elbow. As the name suggests, this method uses electrical appliances for the treatment. The healing is achieved through electrical energy. Electrical Muscle Stimulation delivers the electrical current inside the body. The current is targeted at the area of pain or injury. The purpose of the current is to twitch or contract the muscles forcibly. Just like SWD Machines, Electrical Muscle Stimulation machines can also be found online.

TENS is another form of Electrical Muscle Stimulation with a little bit of difference. This method is not targeted at injured muscles. The TENS method aims at the nerve endings for pain management. A special medication cream or patch is spread on the skin before the electrical treatment is applied. Most often the Corticosteroid cream is used for this purpose. According to the researchers, more study is needed to be done in the area of Electrical Muscle Stimulation to determine its effect on the treatment and injuries. As this is a new area, more research will provide evidence in support or against the therapy.