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Types of Physical Therapy Equipment

Modern Physiotherapy Tools – Advanced Physical Therapy Equipment

In modern time, innovation plays an important role. Daily new discoveries are made and new tools are developed. Physiotherapy is also being advanced with new and innovative Physical Therapy Equipments with advanced features. Physiotherapy Equipments or Physiotherapy Machine also known as Physio Equipment are changing the ways of treatment. These machines are redefining the physiotherapy. With new machines, it has become much more effective to analyse the condition of a patient and their progress during the treatment. Physiotherapy Instrument like shortwave diathermy machines help reaching the deeper tissues and increase blood flow which helps in faster healing of the patient.

Benefits of Using Physical Therapy Equipment for Patients

Major Advantages of Using Physical therapy Equipment

  • Treats and decreases muscle spasm
  • Instant pain relief from chronic, acute and post-surgical causes
  • Decrease stiffness immediately
  • Increases range of motion
  • Faster recovery of physical activities of patients
  • Improves weight bearing capacity
  • Limit swelling and Edema
  • Helps in faster healing of wound
  • Heats up inner tissues which are hard to reach otherwise
  • Achieves functional movements
  • Improves blood cells to injured cells
  • Decreases the chances of injury getting hurt again
  • Increases the supply of white blood cells
  • Speeds up the recovery and healing process
  • Provides muscle and tendon repair

Most Useful Physical Therapy Equipment Used by Therapists

Following Physiotherapy Instrument Are Used for Various Purposes

Handheld Dynamometer – This manual muscle testing equipment is most beneficial for identifying muscle weakness, proper diagnosis, preparing a treatment plan and tracking the progress of the patient. Machine can do this job with accuracy as it works on the readings found by the meter. It is necessary for each patient to undergo a complete evaluation and diagnosis before starting the treatment. A proper diagnosis can help make the best plan for healing. This machine gives accurate readings for analysing the patient’s muscle strength.

Exercise Equipment Physical Therapy Equipment plays most important role in the field of rehabilitation. It becomes more easy and accurate to improve muscle strength, increase cardiovascular endurance and improve balancing skills of the patient with the use of modalities in the treatment. They improve the grip, strength and movability of the patient. For instance, Dynaswing ball is equipment which offers many therapeutic benefits. This machine is well equipped to adjust for different needs and skill level of different patients. This Physio Equipment helps in improving perception, body awareness, increases coordination and developing deep stabilization in muscles.

Electrotherapy Devices and Equipments – Researches has proved that using Electrotherapy Devices in treatment is extremely beneficial for decreasing pain in lesser time. There is a Research done on laser therapy which proves the effectiveness to repair a wound. The time taken for showing effect is half compared to a treatment without machines. Both chronic and acute pain can be treated with these devices. With the advancement of Physical Therapy Machines, now it is possible to treat multiple patients at once with a single machine. This is achieved through multiple waveforms. This will save a lot of time of both therapists and patients. It also increases the feasibility of these machines for clinics as it will occupy less space.

Hydrotherapy – One of the very first modalities used as Physiotherapy Machines includes hydrotherapy. The machine heats water and uses water vapour for treatment purposes. It has a good track record in rehabilitation. 80 per cent of the treated patients recover within first few weeks depending on the severity of their condition. Just like any other machine, Hydrotherapy Devices were also very large when they were invented. However, this has changed with time. The Hydrotherapy Devices have emerged with time and are becoming more customized to save space in the clinics and also meeting the various requirements of different patients. Hydrotherapy helps the patient in the following ways:

  • Decreases edema and swelling in very small span of time
  • Initiates wound healing process and help the patient recover
  • Reduces chronic and acute pain and provides temporary relief
  • Lowered down time for benefitting patients
  • Initiates wound healing process in the body

Laser Therapy – This is the most advanced and scientific modality in the history of electrical therapy machines fort the purpose of rehabilitation. Reliving stiffness, alleviating pain and treatment of chronic conditions like arthritis is specialty of Laser Therapy Machines. This machine can miraculously improve blood circulation after ACL reconstruction or other similar procedures. Modern laser therapy machines are so advanced and compact that they can be wall mounted, used on a table top and are easily transportable. It is most beneficial for the patients who are taking therapy at home.

Ultrasound Therapy – Today market is filled with numerous ultrasound devices for various purposes. Ultrasound is one of the most advanced fields in electrical therapy where one machine fulfills numerous requirements of the patients. You can choose the devices from a vast range to meet your clinical needs. Portable Ultrasound Therapy devices are the best choice for the clinics as they are easy to carry, takes less space and they are also good for home sessions. For special patients, you can also choose devices which combine ultrasound with electrical stimulation. There are devices which can treat multiple patients simultaneously. You can also apply multiple devices on one patient if there is such need for a treatment.

Short wave Diathermy MachinesShort wave Diathermy Machines or SWD machines are new inventions which have been proved to treat deeper tissues with greater efficiency. Muscle spasm, sprains and tissue damage can be treated with the use of SWD machines. They improve blood flow and supply of white blood cells to the area of injury which helps in faster healing.