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Use of Electrotherapy Equipment in Modern Physiotherapy

Electrotherapy Equipment Redefining Physiotherapy

Electrotherapy equipment and machines are redefining physiotherapy on a much advanced level. Daily new machines are being developed for therapy which provides much better results than traditional therapy exercises. Electrotherapy machine or electrotherapy devices used for electrotherapy physiotherapy or electrotherapy physical therapy are now treating patients with much more efficiency. Today electrotherapy equipment is a must for every physiotherapy clinic.

Various Electrotherapy Equipment Used for Treatment

Electrotherapy device such as Shortwave Diathermy Machine, Ultrasound Therapy Machine, Laser Therapy machine, CPM and TENS are widely used by therapists for treatment of injuries. These devices are mainly used for muscle spasm, sprain, fracture and inner injuries. The treatment of pain is also known as electrotherapy pain relief which is accomplished with the help of such machines. Most of the devices mentioned above are easily available in the market. Daily new technology is being discovered. Machines with multiple functions also known as combined devices are also developed. Such machines are space and cost effective. Machines which can treat multiple patients at a time are also being invented to save the time of therapists as well as patients.

Shortwave Diathermy Machine as Electrotherapy Equipment

Shortwave Diathermy Machine Also known as SDM is an electrotherapy equipment which uses electricity to generate heat to reach inner tissues of the patient and heal. This machine uses high frequency electromagnetic energy which is either pulsed or continuous. The use of SDM machine improves the blood flow to the injured area. As a result of which there is an increase in flow of white blood cells which results in faster recovery of the patient. SDM are also being used widely by the therapist around the world for treatment of arthritis and fibromyalgia. It is also applicable for treatment of joint related problems.

There are two modes of using SDM machines – inductive and capacitive. In the inductive method the machine implies a single electrode which is kept upon the area of injury for treatment. This method is most applicable for deeper soft tissue injuries like low back pain and cervical radiculopathy. The capacitor or capacitive method includes two electrodes which are kept on both sides of the area to be treated.

Electrotherapy Equipment for Ultrasonic Waves

Ultrasound Therapy Machine uses ultrasonic waves to treat muscle and tissue injuries. The mechanism of Ultrasound machines is somewhat similar to SDM machines. The major difference is that ultrasound machine uses sound waves to generate heat and reach tissues. Earlier, the application of ultrasound machines was limited to patient diagnostics and analysis. However, researches and inventions in recent years have found more applications of ultrasound therapy in physical therapy and muscle injuries treatment. This therapy is very useful in treatment of muscle spasm, musculoskeletal sprain and strain.

Use of Laser Therapy as Electrotherapy Equipment

Laser therapy implements laser lights at specific frequencies. Laser beam is so sharp that it can even cut metals. Laser Therapy machines emit laser light at low frequencies to deduct any injury from such rays. Due to the radiation properties of laser beams, they can go inside tissues for treatment of injuries. This electrotherapy equipment is used for treatment of arthritis, inflammation, athletic injuries and soft tissue injuries. Laser therapy was also used earlier for surgery, where it was much easier to cut a part causing less damage, swelling and pain.

Laser therapy machines emit light at very low frequencies. Particles known as photons assemble together to make light which penetrates the skin. The dermis, epidermis and subcutaneous tissues are penetrated by these laser beams. When this low frequency beams enter the human body they some very positive effects on the body. The immune responses in the blood are optimized after the laser beams enter the body. As a result of this, the immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects are created inside. A research shows the results obtained from laser therapy. Researches have also found that the light passed through human body has very positive effect on blood circulation as it improves the oxygen level and energy level in the blood cells. All these led to a faster recovery of the patient. The patient also feels amazing after receiving laser therapy.

CPM Machines for Electrotherapy

CPM or continuous passive motion is electrotherapy equipment for knee joint movements used for patients who are unable to move knee joint. This generally happens after a surgery, knee replacement or leg fracture. CPM machines can also be implied for elbow movements after surgery or other scenarios. Generally patient experience pain in joint movements after a surgery. As a result of this the patient avoids motion which can lead to stiffness of joints and tissues. Furthermore scarring tissues can also take place is such regions which will limit the range of motion.

Use of CPM machine improves movement of joints and slowly increases range of motion. The blood flow to the joints is also improved due to regular motions with the help of CPM machines. Researches have shown that patients who have use CPM machines have less complaint of pain and recovered faster. It is essential for the therapist to decide the speed of the machine, duration for which machine has to be used and amount of motion. Depending on the progress of the patient, the rate of exercises, motion and time period for using machines has also to be increased until the patient reaches its full potential.

TENS Electrotherapy Equipment

TENS unit is known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation which is electrotherapy equipment for nerve related pain management issues. Sciatica back pain is one of the most common pain injuries treated with TENS machine. TENS machine implements low voltage electrical current for pain relief. This amount or current is not harmful to human body. Nerve pain treatment has become a lot easier with the help of TENS equipment. The patient is less dependent on medication for pain relief. The result of this treatment is also surfaced much earlier. TENS machine is portable like a small radio. This machine is powered using batteries. The two electrodes are placed on either sides of the region to be treated. This creates a circuit of electrical impulse which travels along the nerves and provides pain relief.